Just curious, if Megan had said "I was just doing it b/c I was working on a paper on people's cell phones and privacy", would that have made it all OK? » 4/12/07 10:58pm 4/12/07 10:58pm

The faux merger/acquisition April Fools' genre is by far the most heinous and tacky. It's like watching a white kid drop a line with three "izzles" in it. » 4/01/07 5:03pm 4/01/07 5:03pm

They were actually at Denny's b/c they were negotiating for a new "channel sponsorship" (a la Diddy+BK) for MC Hammer. He's going to make appearances at a couple of Bay Area Denny's, and in exchange for not kicking him out, Denny's gets its own YouTube channel. » 10/10/06 2:20pm 10/10/06 2:20pm